Welcome to UNDER THE MOON Exhibition! The exhibition is still open Tuesday – Sunday 12-6.45pm until 13 JULY 2010!@ Crypt Gallery under St Pancras Church, Euston rd, NW1 2BA!

“The sort of experience which gives London a good name!” (from our visitors’ book)

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PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 24th June 2010 @ 6-9pm.AFTERNOON of PERFORMANCES: Saturday 26th June 2010 @ 1-6pm
EXHIBITION: 25 June -13 July Tuesday-Sunday @ 12-6.45pm

UNDER THE MOON brings together eight artists for the first time, most unknown to each other until the rallying call was sounded, and the circle drawn.

Expressed through painting, sculpture, installation and multi-disciplinary mixed-media,the personal narrative of each artist is revealed in their distinct and individual work under the moon.

As the pull of the moon influences all it touches, so the spark of creative adventure will entice and excite all who enter this mysterious, subterranean labyrinth beneath  the hubbub of Central London at St Pancras Church, Euston Road.

DONOVAN the singer songwriter and poet will open the UNDER THE MOON Exhibition, in celebration of the full moon, with an afternoon of creative performances including music, dance, stories and poetry to be held at the Crypt on Saturday 26 June between 1-6pm.

Private View is on Thursday 24 June 6-9pm.

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3 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Everything looks and sounds so great. The S is missing on the mention of the saturday performanceS The words are excellent
    See you all
    SuWn !!!

  2. Today my son brought me to see Under the Moon in the crypt at St Pancras – I’m still reflecting on all that we saw and experienced, how lovely it was to talk with Juliette, to see the beautiful, extraordinary, womanly works – loved them all! I think I’ll have to come again before the exhibition ends because there was far too much to take in all at once. A magical show!

    1. Thank you Petronella! You’re an angel. A wolf-angel! So nice to speak to you and share our feelings about being creative women. I wish you a wonderful summer. I’ve got some dates for my workshops in October I let you know very soon!! Love

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